some cool stuff that mastodon has that twitter doesn't:

1. 500 char text limit
2. followers and mentions only toots
3. "toots" which are obviously cooler sounding
4. you can follow ANYONE* on mastodon even if they're on a different instance (i.e. @normalart)
5. custom emojis (still working on adding more of those) :blobcat: :blobcatmelt:
6. *you* control how your uploaded images are positioned in the cropped preview (!)
7. I get to make all of the rules
8. users who are actually cool 😎
9. nine

so, NEW USER, you've joined the SOCIAL RAT CAFE and your home timeline is EMPTY. what do?

to boot, you can check the LOCAL and FEDERATED timelines for toots (that's what they call tweets here) on the RIGHT HAND SIDE of your screen for toots from local and federated users respectively.

the PROFILE DIRECTORY also lists users on this instance who have opted in to be listed there. follow some folks and you'll see your home timeline populate in no time.

and that's pretty much it! happy tootin!


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